Thursday, October 21, 2010

@ 8 months tricks training!

We didn't really progress to teach him much new tricks. We only try to enhance it to VOICE command and Hand command and making sure every tricks is followed through at anytime. There are more silly tricks that we accidentally realised he can do like, YQ can ask him to go forward abit abit (过去一点), or reversed abit abit (回来一点). And he will turn his head to see where YQ wants him to go, that is damn funny! Like a human toy.

Anyway this is a sample routine of what we usually want him to do when we want to give him treat. Toto actually enjoys trick training. One thing for sure, when we tell him something and he doesn't understand, we will tell him things that he can, and he be happily doing it for us. From this we can see, actually alot of time, he is trying to understand us when we try to talk to him. If not u see him swaying his head side by side ...

This video is taken a few days before we left for Singapore.

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