Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Test Run at Mr K home!

Edited the page with 'Tab' on top with all the information that Mr K will need for the one month!
Health Info, Potty and Daily Habit, Commands Use, Kibbles & Treats and Youtube!
Today we had a trial run, and after checking-in Toto at Petsmart Day Camp, me and hubby loiter around. We saw him happily BULLYING other dog and so happy running about and finding friends to play with. We can then relax and left him romping and playing.
In the evening MR K came along to fetch Toto while hubby hide somewhere.

We thought TOto would resist but he didn't and left happily with MR K and me. We brought Toto to pee and walk towards Mr K car. Again, no resistance, he happily jump in the front seat and settle there.

The 'seatbelt' that hubby prepared was a tad too short and Toto was very uncomfortable as he cannot lie down so he whine and struggle abit. I release his leash, surprisingly, he didn't struggle, jump or just be naughty. He lie on the front seat all the way to Mr K home.

Again, Mr K leashed him and brought him to his house; Toto didn't resist at all and happily followed in!!

So that will be it, on Fri MR K will be fetching Toto all alone and Toto will be with him for a Autumn Vacation!

During work days, Mr K will be bringing Toto to Petsmart for Day camp daily and then bring him home at night. Hopefully Toto will be good and won't give Mr K too much troubles ...

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