Sunday, October 17, 2010

Toto no need to be boarded!!

Me and hubby have to go back to SG for a month and we have been RACKING our head open as to what to do with TOto, and God answered. Hubby's colleague Mr K has agreed to help us look after Toto when we are away!! Toto will be in Petsmart's daycare from Monday-Friday, and Mr K will look after Toto full days on weekend!

Initially we agree to board him because we do not want to impose on anyone and the schedule in boarding will be rigid, and we thought 'these people' will be the expert. But after ONE DAY of daycare and Toto come back with a 'injured' penis, we are 'horrified'! What expert, 'PUI'! The people there will not be checking on Toto's daily to make sure he is ok plus Toto has a high threhold for pain, which make it even less visible for sign of pain!!

So we brought him to Mr K's home on Sunday to familiarised Toto with Mr K and his home, and sort of teach TOto where in the house can he pee. K has a small garden behind, so it will be VERY EASY for Toto!! And I have successfully brought him out a few time to potty! We hope Toto will be good and make life easy for Mr K!!
We dressed Toto up to impress Mr K, Toto spend one full day with Mr K and Toto manage to slowly warmed up to Mr K and his home ...
A handsome dog huh!? Another colleague of Hubby, Mr C is also very impressed with our dog and willing to helpout if Mr K cannot make it in time to fetch Toto. Toto is very blessed with so much people willing to lend a helping hand to help him ...
We are glad all the training and love we gave TOto make him a very likeable dog!!
Mommy is out shopping, and TOto EYE never leave the direction I am gone ...
He is looking out for ME.

Anyway I just want to come back to a Healthy and living puppy, but of course a happy one will be a bonus!

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