Friday, October 15, 2010

Solid Gold + Orijen 6 fish!

TOto is now on a 1 cup kibbles daily and which consist of half cup "Solid Gold Hund N Flocken Puppy Food" and "Orijen 6 Fresh Fish with Sea Vegetables". And if he is going to a daycare or going out, we be giving him abit more 3/4 cup each morning and evening.

Guess which 1/2 is Orijen and which is Solid Gold?
The Solid dark brown kibbles is orijen and on the right side the yellowish brown is solid gold.

We are lucky that Toto is not sensitive to change of food, and we can 'try' food on him as we like and wouldn't affect him!

And hubby is trying to change him to a ZERO grain diet, but a grain-free diet will be very high in protein! And kibbles that are high in Protein will be adverse to a puppy kidney! The irony huh ...

Grain bad for Dogs but grain  increase the carbohydrates percentage, and thus reduce the percentage of Protein.. And Grain-free product will be high in PROTEIN.

That is why he is on a 50-50 mix.
After he finish his Solid Gold Hund N Flocken Puppy Food, we be transiting that 50% to adult food soon! We are still looking about but at the moment, this 2 mix is good.

YQ is considering a total switch to Orijen but we will be transiting him slowly when we are back in November, for now he is half puppy half adult :)

The Orijen 6 fish kibbles smell like our typical 鱿鱼 tidbits lo!!

(1/4 cup of each per meal on normal days!)

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