Sunday, October 24, 2010

TOto we Miss You ...

Hubby is taking the separation HARDER than TOto; he see Toto everywhere!!

When he goes to the toilet, he comes out to tell me the toilet urine stand's brand is TOTO. When he watches a movie on the flight; a scene about the Waterpark reminds us of the time we bring him to Hawaiian fall. When I made a coughing noise in my sleep; he says it sounds like Toto growling. Everywhere he turns to, food he eat, scene he see; it is a reminder that Toto is not here.

In the end, I AM the one going MAD!

I think hubby will be falling into DEPRESSION mode soon.
Hubby is like a Prisoner in a prison cell, doing this; counting down to the day he can go home!
(Photo Credit : Sai's Gallery)

Anyway I have a video of the last day when we bring him in to Petsmart for Daycamp, and Mr K fetch him direct to his home in the evening. This way, it is less traumatic for Toto and us. And the next time Toto see us will be me and hubby to fetch him from Petsmart Daycamp too, hopefully he will remember us!

Warning : Very sad video!

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