Thursday, September 29, 2011

After Daycamp, look what I SEE!

Usually Tuesday is Daycamp day and mammeee's housechore day.
Tonight we fetch TOto together, and when we reached home we will give TOto a rinse in the bathroom, follow by dinner and last ritual a Biscuit ...
After settling TOto, Mammeee and Dadddeee can eat in PEACE!
Usually Subway is our GO TO dinner if Mammeee is lazy to cook.

And when I turn my head to check on TOto, I see ...
So funny CAN! I wonder what happen ...
TOto is sleep-kissing TUrtle!!
Hahahaha, sometime the darndest thing happen to the both of them!


  1. Aww he loves the turtle! That's sweet how they get so attached :) It's like his little security blanket haha!

  2. haha we can call TUrtle his security blanket because it is tooooooo hot here to use a real blankie keke!!

  3. Ah, should get one of those cooler mats for TOto! We got two from Taiwan ^^

    I also ordered two cooling coats for them (creates artificial effect of perspiration) in preparation for summer here. It's also pretty brutal here. There are also some cooler collar things but they look so silly haha.

  4. That a great idea, we will keep a lookout. Texas heat is a KILLER!

  5. TOto and his turtle friend are so cute together! Was the attraction immediate? We surprised Maple with a teddy bear on her 1st birthday, but she ignored teddy for quite some time. Recently, she has developed an attachment to teddy and now carries teddy everywhere. Maple will even rest her head on teddy's back while sleeping! It's as if teddy is Maple's own little pet :)

  6. @Maple momsie,
    I really cannot rem how their attraction happen/start. TOto has too much TOYS!! Hahaha but this is the only surviving toy that TOto still attached himself to!