Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Weather is too good ....

... to be sitting infront of the laptop which explains the lack of updates!
EVERDAY is 20C-24C at night!
We brought TOto to the dogpark very frequently like 4x since last friday!

Hopefully the coldfront keep coming in so that TOto can go to the dogpark more frequently!!
Yeah daddeee do help with cleaning up TOto if not TOto CANNOT come to bed!
A night walk for TOto for his last potty session.
If mammeee goes down, TOto gets a longer walk!

This photo below should be when TOto comes back from daycamp totally SHAG OUT! Yesh, you didn't read wrongly; he gets Doggie daycamp and DOGPARK!
Lucky TOto huh!
Haha this is how shag he is, sleeping upside down on his own bed with all his favourite stuff toys right near him!
A good night at the dog park when you see ALOT of westies running about. Tonight there are 5 westies running everywhere including TOto! I lost TOto a few times hahaha ...
Female westies are so cute and so much smaller in size!
See 4 westie in this picture and Turkey the Alaskan Kee Klai right behind! Sophie the baby westie is not here :(, think she went back!
TOto lazing on the Patio, tanning!
Another day at the dogpark but we went too late and most dog has gone home. So it is Daddeee, ballball and TOto playing 'FETCH'!

This is TOto asking for 'Biscuit', "NO, TOto you are getting FAT!" ...
Which explain the :( face ...
Weeeeeeeeeeeee this week is a good week, TOto going for X-agility soon!

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