Thursday, September 22, 2011

Grooming TIME!

Recently TOto refused to go down for morning walks with daddeee and when mammeee ask him he immediately JUMP UP! Guess what usually, when I bring him down for morning walks he has a LONGER walk and with daddeee it is just his potty session and he has to come up! But if it is weekend, he has no problem going down with Daddeee! They really do know ...

His fur is getting thick and has abit of shedding which means "STRIPPING" time! Now during the torturous stripping sessions, he learns to just turn around and look at me with pleading eyes, kiss me and then start to walk up towards me and sit on my lap to stop me from stripping him. Mammeee has to HARDEN her heart and say, 'Thank you for your kisses but mammeee has to STRIP ON!'

3 sessions; Top front, Top Back and trimming of his face. I guess there should be another 2 more session, his front bib and tail! I might need another session with his butt too ...

That is the big bulk of fur that I have manually strip out of him, looks ALOT but there isn't much diff when you look at TOto!
"TOto, mammeee don't like to do this too! mammeee always end up with swollen thumb, and aching back because mammeee want you to be comfortable and not use a grooming table which you will have to stand for HOURS!"
Dadddeee feels that your ear fur is too short but I have to trim it short so that your furcut last longer right!? But I am rather satisfied with your round head, it does look round and fluffy right?

2hours of dog park yesterday, too tired for a good photoshoot!
But TOto, we still have about 3hours of stripping session to finish off everything!


  1. Smart TOto!

    Your pic reminds me of this:

    Handstripping really takes a lot of effort and time! Maybe you should get a different breed next time...:P

  2. I think the next breed I like Cairn terrier also need to be handstripped haha! Hmmm I just saw a goldendoodle recently, maybe ...

    It is the ear and the tail of terriers that I cannot resist hahaha!