Saturday, September 24, 2011

Level 1 - Fun XDog Agility Pt. 2/6

TOto perform so much better in his 2nd lesson, but still he gets distracted easily! He doesn'tget distracted by other dogs! He get distracted by all the treats that has fallen on the ground. Hopefully as the class progress he gets better!

Today is the 2nd day of 'Fall' and the weather is GOOD; abit chilly in the morning too.

When TOto knows that both of us are going with him, he won't walk down the stairs with only ONE OF US. He has to wait till the both of us walk down the staircase! He won't come down with me no matter how I tug him!!
That long long sharp sharp thing is TOto's tail!
Ready, GET SET ...

This MAT Is the most difficult for TOto because he has to run the plank and then STOP and DOWN for 5seconds! The excitment made it very difficult for TOto to stop. He will either OVER RUN or start sniffing the mat!
Half TIME breakf for TOto's breakfast ...

Compulsory shot with Mammeee!
In the end we realised, Mammeee is the BEST TREAT for TOto to finish his course! As long as Mammeee is at the of his course and shout, "TOto!" he will COME, JUMP and TUNNEL through all obstacle! Yeah but Daddeee says during compeition, there can be only ONE handler. Opps :x !!

When he reached home ...
Automatically decide to SLEEP in crate ...
Mammeee and daddeee can sneak out for date night!


  1. Oooh! TOto looks like he really enjoys it! Looks so smart and cute ^^ Your husband must be an excellent handler!

    I can't wait till we start our first agility class! We have to wait till next month, which is actually good since our car is in for repairs :( It's $40 for family membership so we can bring Panda along for free too... not sure how that will work out lol. You should consider other dog sports too! Flyball, lure coursing, tracking??

    I still need to get life jackets for them! So expensive here! Do u know where I can get cheaper ones online?

  2. TOto session is like 120$ for 6 session. It is fun TOto can do most of the stuffs but easil distracted by alot of smells! Arrgh, next week the obstacle will be string together. It will be more challenging then!!

    Haha we are always on the lookout for different courses. But time and place have to match Hubs timing so we waited quite a long time before joining this particular course.

    We wanted him to join another school last year for agility but the 'instructor' insist we take their obedience class hahaha my husband damn dulan because by then I think when TOto about 7mths already know most of the basic command or maybe more!! That why drag until now then join this ...

    If he is good maybe we will look at a more 'PRO' one that can join compeition bah! Haha let see how he progress for this 'Fun' class!

    Seriously in the end, me is more tired than Toto because I very seldom excercise hahaha!! But alot of fun!!