Saturday, September 10, 2011

Level 1 - Fun XDog Agility Pt. 1/6

TOto didn't sleep well the night before, he kept having to wake up in the middle of the night to bark and keep wanting to go patio to do his guard-duty! And my alarm rang at 6.30am, by 7am TOto is ready to go to bed!!!

Too bad we have to go out, and TOto didn't even have his breakfast ...
7.48am and we are ready to GO!

ALL the other dogs there were HUGE, GIGANTIC!
And before coming to the lesson, we were saying if all the dogs that joined are Border COllie we will leave hahaha because TOto will have no chance at winning a trophy for us! But still all the other dogs are huge; there are 2 Leon Begers, Greyhound, Bloodhound and Aussies! No similar size dog with TOto!

Hahaha TOto has NO CHANCE at ALL!
Everyone is being attentive looking at the instructor and looks what is TOto doing!??
Bottom left corner of the photographs, 'Looking for treats'?
Instructor giving instructions ...
TOto need some coaxing for the Hoops!

And by the 2nd round he is a natural ...

TOto at the mat, "DOWN for 5 seconds"!

Mammeee is happy for TOto and mammeee is very very tired with all the running about under the hothothot SUN!
TOto performed better than expected. He was very HUNGRY halfway in class and got very distracted sniffing and sniffing refusing to listen to instructions and we got to feed him halfway in class!

After that he is very tired and start to lose his focus.
But still we are happy that he had enjoyed himself.
The instructor is very impressed with TOto and says that TOto is such a 'Mellow Terrier'! I think the instructor find TOto very calm and she mentioned that TOto has a great personality and great doggie body language. She praises that we have done a good job socialising TOto.

*Beam* so proud of TOto!

When we are back home, he was totally KNOCK out!
He didn't even wake when I had to open the main door to go out!

Just a short clip showcasing, "TOto jumping the poles!"

Hmmmm so does TOto has the potential to go into some serious Dogs Agility Competition!?


  1. Wow, TOto is awesome! Polar can jump over stuff (usually over Panda) but I always think he's going to injure himself :( I need to get him signed up for agility! Lazy me.

    How long is this course?

  2. Here there is another course that is cater for mini dogs but we took up this one because the time and area match! And TOto is the only tiny dog there. Maybe you can look for agility for smaller dogs? We find a pole and 2 ikea stools to train him jump at home hahaha! So when he went, everything is so easy for him and we have this tunnel thing at home for him to play before too!

    This course 6 lessons, 1hour each. First lesson also never 'teach' much. mostly is hub leading TOto what to do. Maybe it is MORE FUN than agility!

    In the end, we just want to see whether he can concentrate with other dogs around ...

    Maybe we find him a more 'PRO' agility the nxt time :)