Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kiss kiss means 'OK'

Usually TOto sat on my lap in the car, and I will always chitchitchatchat with either Hubs and sometimes I chat with TOto. And from time to time, he will turn back and kisses me.

And slowly I realised that TOto will kiss me if it is something 'he likes'; example if I mention words like 'biscuits' or 'go dogpark'!

And if I start to 'nag' or words like 'Naughty' he will act blur like he didn't hear and you can see that he lower his head abit.

I told Hub and he doesn't believe me and we tested a few times and today after we fetch him back from daycamp.

We try 2 sentences on him ...

TOto 回家冲凉 ok? ( TOto, go home bath ok?)
His reaction -> He turn back look at me, I ask a 2nd time and he look away, turn back front and ignore.

TOto 回家吃 Biscuit ok? (TOto, go home eat biscuit ok?)
His reaction -> He turn back to look at me, I ask a 2nd time with '吃 biscuit ok?' He kisses me and turn back front ...
Conclusion TOto really, really HATES taking BATH!

We tried this a few time at different situation, at home and on the car and on both occasions gave the same reaction! If it is something he likes, he will come kisses me and if it is something 'negative' he will look at me and turn away! There is one times he almost kisses me but turn away still. And if he unsure, he will cock his head left then right ...

This reminds me since TOto is a puppy, we will always 'SEAL' a deal or a promise with TOto with a 'kiss' too. And once TOto kisses us, we will say," Orhhh you kiss means you agree huh, we go out already OK?".  Maybe that is how he slowly learns!!!

Hmmmm, we wonder if this is how TOto say 'YES, OK'!

How does your dog react to you?

Happy TOto playing with his newest chew!
Opps he gave me a Edison's grin!
I love him most when he is sleeping kekeke ~


  1. keke, ToTo is just like my boys. They can "selectively" only hear what they like to hear. When I nag for them to shower and study, they seems able to bounce to elsewhere totally oblivious to what I said.

    I too love them most when they are sleeping, they are really like a "angel" then. haha....

  2. TOto is too cute! Love the first two pictures ^^ Sigh, if kiss kiss means ok to Polar means he EVERYTHING okay. How to stop him from licking me to death?

    Should get him a toy that he can play with the whole day so he will be occupied! Else, get another pet ;) Save daycare money and dog park trip! Panpomi don't really get a lot of exercise but long before their bedtimes they'll all be pooped! I really wonder why there are so many 'si gou' under the table sometimes!

  3. @Choonyen
    Hahaha boys will always be boys plus you have TWO means they are each other accomplices! Hahaha ~ But well done, train at YOUNG age to become good husbands ONE EAR IN ONE EAR OUT! Hmmpppffff ...

  4. @Eve
    I always tell my Husband, TOto has his own thinking and character! TOO MUCH CHARACTER!

    He has a WHOLE carton of TOYS le! But he seldom play with them UNLESS we play with him! Even if chew also when he is ALREADY very tired then he starts to chew!

    I wish TOO for another dog but I doubt I can handle because Bathing, nail clipping, fur stripping, ear hair plucking, daily wipes all these also means times 2! Unless me and hubs are less anal about this issues maybe but I think of the handstripping I abit scare liao plus we want another westie if possible.

    Luckily with coupons sometime the daycamp comes up to USD15 so still manageable!

  5. Hmm I bathe them once every 2 weeks in the wet season, then clip their nails almost never - I find they grind their nails by running - ear hair plucking not everyday also ma, then stripping also right? Daily wipes I also don't bother anymore, except their mouth after they eat.

    Have you tried interactive toys or toys that stimulate the brain? Exercising their brain can be quite tiring too~ All 3 can play with that babble ball the whole day but it is damn noisy!

  6. Handstripping about 4-6hours liao, if 2 I dunno i go mad or not haha! I become thumbelina with very SWOLLEN THUMB!

    TOto very seldom play toy by himself unless we play with him. Even those interactive toy with kibbles inside, first few days he be very interested after a few days he don't care whatever is inside lo haha. He has so much toys, we waste so much $$ until we give up!

    Even the KONG, sometime we put biscuit inside he also dun care unless he damn hungry! We really buay tahan him. Guess he is too xi guan we give him so much attention, he doesn't bother with toys! Or maybe we hasn't get him something that he really likes!

    But of course with another partner to play with him maybe he will play with the toys like your trio. Now my apartment really too cram for a 2nd dog, maybe if I have a chance to get a bigger apartment :)

  7. Interactive toy with kibble inside? I've never heard of such a toy! Any links? All the ones with kibble that I have are just like balls or 不倒翁 dispensing treats. Never seen one that's interactive! So you mean if there are treats inside one of those TOto still won't play with it? Even Panda who is not food-motivated loves to play with it leh...

    Now if lazy to go out I'll just let them fetch stuff until they're tired. With the 3 of them just playing by themselves it's hard not to get tired too, esp Polar who is a hyperactive nutcase.

    What about dog sitting? What my friend does is get her dog to her friend's house once a week (they alternate houses each week) so they get some off time and the dog gets a day of fun :)

    I'm kinda scared of dog parks now since a lot of people just bring their dogs there then do something else like play with their phones, make out (!) with each other etc. So easy for fights to break out :(

  8. @Eve
    Blur answer u like in 2am! Hahaha no interactive just those kibbles inside a cube or balls. Interactive ones are expensive! Then we see his toy pattern, we don't want to waste money!! Wait play a few times and dont play like most of his toys!!!

    Hubs colleagues mostly don't hv pet because usually most of them contractors and are always on the move. Another reason why alot of them want to volunteer to look after him just for FUN! But we don't trust pple who hasn't handle dogs before!!

    We are lucky so far our dogpark experience not too bad and slowly there are quite a few familiar face so most pple know TOto in the dogpark haha and we can see TOto loves the staffs at daycamp so we quite relieve to put him in daycamp knowing he is love too!

    Actually when TOto is at home with me in the afternoon he SLEEP ALL THE WAY until my hubs come back!!! He doesn't disturb me at all. It is the night time, he crazy wake up in the middle of the night and want to go out into the patio, then want to come in. Then barking la that is the problem! My hub sleep like a pig so mostly I am the one being disturbed, so I also sleep in the afternoon with TOto!!