Thursday, June 23, 2011

Leaving for home to another part of the world...

I woke up even earlier than TOto today and we have decided to send him into Daycamp in the morning. We don't want him to see the moving of the luggages. We don't want him to associate Luggages shuffling with Mammeee missing.

During weekdays I very rarely send him to camp but Hubs don't want me to regret not sending him and then missing him for a month. And I get to see how naughty is TOto. Just walk him sniff around and starts to bully other dogs!!

There is a scene at 2:25 minutes, that is a MUST SEE, a brown dog 'STANDING' by the side watching TOto play! It is so FUNNY! The brown dog is even looking at the camera and looks like we saw him watching, and he is so shy he walked away!

I missed TOto so much, I had to replay the video in my camera several times during transiting and on flight!
I wonder does TOto miss me ...

Updated a shorter clip showcasing the weird brown dog!
Only 55sec watch till the end for the 'Standing' on two paw Brown dog!


  1. I just LOVE watching TOto! He is very playful and can make friends with other dogsters so easily. The brown dog is super cute, especially standing by the side of the daycamp supervisor (LOL). It looks like TOto had a great time!

  2. @maple's mommy
    Ya TOto is such a social butterfly, he always manage to find a friend to play with him! He loves daycamp, and daycamp loves him too. The staffs told us he always liven up the daycamp when he is there!