Friday, June 3, 2011

Dog Day of Denton 2011 - Pt 1

Yeah I am anticipating this Dog Day of Denton event since 2-3weeks ago! But the weather is sooooooooooooooo HOT! I cannot fully OPEN my eyes and fully enjoy the event!
Anyway, lots and lots of photos for the day!
TOto is so excited, he trying to drive us to the event himself!!
It was a 25minutes drive to Quakertown Park, but we did a detour to Mcdonalds to get brunch; 20pcs Nuggets meal!.

We have to cross a bridge to reach the event!

Finally we are here, by the time we reached around 11pm; alot of people are leaving!
<< Click to read on at your own risk!  ...

Cool Zone is not helping, still HOT!
It was so hot, we have to give TOto frequent water break!
Minature Pools set up for dogs to cool off!
Large blower fans everywhere!
It is really HOT HOT HOT HOT!
Some of the Rescue about ...
Cute puppies but we have no room for another puppy!
Woooo ~
I just love Dalmatians, they are so pretty!

TOto suddenly ran up to a lady and jump on her and we are wondering WHY!?
Hahahaha she has a HUGE TURKEY leg on her plate, luckily the lady was nice and not offended; we had a good laugh! There were so many stripes in this pictures!
And we met another westie friend!!
He was so cool, and he took good pictures!
This is a HUNTER terrier, he love to chase after rats and has killed a possum!
But he was a petite compared to TOto!
I thought TOto was small but it seems he was so much smaller!
Looking at some of the pretty scarves but daddeee didn't see anything he likes for TOto!

It was a day, sniffing butts were approve and not frown upon!
We found our resting place for our brunch!
But first TOto has to do some courtesy 'Hello' to the dogs who were already there.
A wet French kiss to start his 'Hello' ritual.
And follow by some butt and peepee sniffing!
Daddeee and TOto went in to 'chop' a place to cool off!
There was a stage right infront of us!
Finally we laid out our mat and food!
And TOto took his place on Daddeee leg, making it so uncomfortable for daddeee to eat; hahaha!

After the break we tried to finish the rest of the Stands that were there!

And we realised Denton County Animal Rescue was giving out free toys!
We chose quite a number of different toys for TOto!
And Petco was giving out free treats and scarfs!

The red scarf with the blue striped tee makes TOto looks like a 'Sailor'!
We would have stayed longer if the weather is better but it was killing ME!
Panting hard because of the hot weather!
TOto took his new toy immediately!
But he was so tired, and he knocked out once the air-condition was on!
Hugging his new toy so tightly!
Haiyo, the area under my feet is so small, and yet he can toss and turn underneath!
Look at all the GOodies he gotten!
TOto knows the 'Ritual' well!
Mammeee takes photographs first ok!? TOto wait!
What a long day!

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