Friday, June 24, 2011

TOto misses Mammeee!

'Gou Gou' is TOto!
Gosh, I woke up to this phone message.
And Hubs told me, after TOto is brought back from Daycamp that same day, he ran everywhere in our small apartment looking for me; bedroom, wardrobe, Patio, Toilet and laundry room searching! That is unusual because TOto is trained to walk right into the kitchen for his clean up! But when he is naughty, he will escaped and ran into the bedroom to give me a morning kiss!

Then after cleaned up, he settled down and starts to wonder why I never call out to him; TOto starts searching for me again everywhere in the house. And when TOto cannot find me, he looks at my Hubs wondering ...

The next day, Hubs brought TOto to daycamp as usual. And normally TOto cannot wait to RUSH IN not even turning back to say 'Good bye'! But that day, TOto actually turn back and bang Hubs leg and look at Hubs. Hubs say that it is like TOto 'REMINDING' Hubs, "Don't forget to come fetch TOto huh!'

In the evening, Hubs went to fetch TOto as usual. On some days, I'll be next door doing some groceries, and Hubs would walk over to fetch TOto, and after TOto does his business, Hubs would bring TOto to wait for me right outside the grocery store. And on this particular day after his usual buiness, TOto refused to board the car and PULL Hubs right to the grocery store, sat there and wanted to wait for me!!!

I am so heartbroken hearing all that!
They really do have memories like Hachi in the Richard Gere's movie!

TOto hang in there, mammeee is coming home soon ...
I don't whether I am happy that TOto misses me or I should be so sad that he seems to be really missing me so much!


  1. Aww yes they do have feelings and very strong emotional attachments!! That's why when Hachi's 2nd mum left he became like that I guess... He has been to so many families that he can't really bond with anyone, and if he does they'll 'leave' him anyway. That's why we always try to keep them away from us for a part of the day, even if it's just sleeping in their crates at night.

    When I left last break Polar went around looking for me too, and kept whining n waiting at the door for me to come home. When B came home he would still anticipate me behind him :( I think it's good though, that they are separated from us once in a while, so they don't depend on us and then become like Hachi if something happens :/

  2. @yve
    Last year I had him for about 2months, and then in June last year I also have to come back Singapore and then it was not too bad. And then in Oct after having him for about 6mths both me and Hubs have to come back too. And he was behaving very well in our friends house. Now that he is older, I wonder how he will do in October this year when both me and hubs have to come home to Singapore. Can't bear to think of it now ...

  3. I'm leaving for TW/HK next break for three weeks with B so they will be off to the dog sitter's place in late August. Then at the end of the year I will be off for my grad trip hopefully in the states and maybe canada to visit my HS classmates so I dunno where I'm gonna put them too. Where will you put TOto in October when both of you go back to SG?

  4. Woah lucky u!!
    Last year we put him up with Hub's colleague and he did well! But now that he is older we wonder if he is ok. But when he is with Hub's colleague, TOto is send to the Daycamp daily so by the time he goes home with Hub's colleague he is so tired, he just slept. Hub's colleague wake up VERY EARLY like 5am and he will feed TOto and walk him and off to daycamp again! Hahaha ~ But before leaving TOto just like that we visited his colleague twice and stayed a long time in the home for TOto to get used to the environment so he got use to his home quite easily and slept on the bed with his new buddy hahaha!

  5. Hmm, yah, it sounds like TOto misses you as much as you're missing him. I have to say, he is such a smart cookie, unknowingly waiting for you at the grocery store. Given a couple days, I'm sure TOto will get used to just seeing his Daddee day-in and day-out. Don't worry, the boys will keep each other company!

  6. @Maple's mommy,
    Yah this year is extremely hard considering we see other so much everyday. And when my hubs sleep he is so dead to the world. I am so worried haha!

  7. Daycare is really useful!! Regardless of expense I can only use it when/if the dogs are desexed though :( That's good that you got TOto acclimatised to the colleague's house. We brought Panpo to the dog sitter's house once just to look at her yard but that's it.

  8. @Yve
    For Panpo they still have each other for doggies socialisation. With TOto only him, so no choice have to go daycamp so that he can play and socialised with his own type ...

    I know it will be harder for u to stay at the sitter house. Maybe u can request to go one more time. When we are there, we set up his drink and food area and play with him in the house. Brought him to familiarised his small garden. So maybe Toto feels more comfortable of the 'RIGHT' and 'WRONG' thing that can be done in a stranger home.