Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Waking at 5AM everyday!

Texas sun rises really early recently and I thought his 'Ninja' morning shift is shortlived but I was so wrong, he is still waking up RIGHT before sun rise! So we decide to bring him for a run in the dog park the night before and make sure he is so WIPE OUT!

There wasn't much doggies around but he had fun with a 5 month old Beagle X, 'Merani'?
They played chase, mostly Merani chased Toto and  they wrestled!
We were secretly laughing in our heart,'Run TOto, run ~'!
Hopefully you get SO KNOCKED out, you can sleep till 12pm with Mammeee ~
But TOto had the last laugh, athough he was VERY TIRED but he still wake up at 5.30am. Yeah, I forced open my eye to look at the time! I let him out of the Patio. After a 2 hours morning shift, he decide he was hungry at 7.14am, I had to wake again to feed him and SLAM back to bed. About 10 minutes later, 7.24am, he is still whining in the kitchen and that is the cue that 'Food not enough', I have to wake up to top up another 1/8 cup of kibbles.

8am, TOto sat beside me and whine; he wants to play.
At this point, I want to die, I call out for hubs to let him out of the patio!

And when TOto has his morning walks by Hub and finally woken me up to clean TOto up from his walk! At about 11pm, TOto start to sleep till 6.30pm when Hubs is back from work!

I think TOto knows that he has the afternoon to sleep that why he become such a brat in the morning!!
I should sent him to Daycamp more to prevent him sleeping in the afternoon!!!!!
I thought Dogs would usually  'adhere' to their human beans schedule!?

TOto you do not have to do 'Guard Duty', you can sleep 24hours and no one would CARE!


  1. Oh no! 5:30 is SOOO early for TOto to wake up! My alarm went off at 5:15am this monring and Gus was out cold. There was no way he was going to get up to say goodbye while I went to work!

  2. That's really interesting, I didn't know the sun rises so early in Texas during this time of the year. What amazes me more is that you guys weren't the only ones bringing your furry friend to the dog park at the crack of dawn!

    I know what you mean about 'Guard Duty'... when Maple is in the car with us she'll usually be sleeping, but once we pull up to our condo she'll automatically wake-up and bark at the first person she sees. We don't understand why she has suddenly developed this behaviour - she used to be the quietest puppy!

  3. @Gus's mommy
    I am going crazy with his odd hours! I wish I can just open the patio door for him but the weather is SO HOT, we have to switch on the air-condition!

  4. @Maple's mommy
    Misunderstanding ALERT!
    We didn't bring TOto to the dogpark at 5am in the morning! That was the previous night, we tried to TIRED him out. He ran for a good 2 hours panting so hard the previous night but still wake up at 5am!

    Yah I wonder how they come up to the conclusion that they have to be the 'Security system' of the home? Hahaha especially with Maple, she is so tiny, the 'Bad guys' is just going to laugh at Maple's venomous bark! Kekeke ~

  5. LOL so funny! The things they do to anger us!! TOto is one lucky dude, sigh, a dog's life....

    Lately Polar's crate became Hachi's, so Polar has been sleeping with me. Sigh this guy will run and run (so annoying!) and knock things over and pee on the carpet!! I faint oredi...

  6. @Yves
    Ya the things they do to make us angry is getting so CREATIVE, we really cannot catch up! *Faint*, although never do anything wrong but then I just hate waking up so early!

    Polar sleeping with you, Panda wont get jealous!!???

  7. I know right! Very 'fan' cuz the whining wakes you up even if you don't want to wake up. Sigh very bad lah.

    Haha Panda knows he has a job, which is to accompany Hachi in his time of recovery! Hahahaha Panda has his own way of getting back at Polar, every time. Will be sharing that soon ;)

  8. Whoops. LOL... oh yeah, total misunderstanding on my part! And here I thought you guys were really being enthusiastic to take TOto out on a run at such an unearthly hour!

  9. @Maple's mommy,
    We wish we can, but at 5am NO WAY. Usually we are such night OWL, we only knock out about 2-3am! Maybe we should to PUNISH TOto hahaha ~