Saturday, June 18, 2011

In ONE night ..

He has to sleep here, sleep there and sleep sleep everywhere ...
Usually he has three favourite corners, and he doesn't like to be crated to sleep at night. I wonder why!? But some nights when he gets very restless and keep wanting to go out to the room to bark, we will crate him although he is unwilling!! In the afternoon, he will automatically walk into his crate to sleep BUT NOT at night!

I suspect, at night TOto think that he is the 'Security Guard' because Mammeee and Daddeee is sleeping so he cannot be crated, he need to he on HIGH ALERT but in the afternoon when Mammeee is wide awake he can go sleep without any care in the world!
We are very democratic when it comes to TOto, so we usually start the night with asking him,'TOto you want to sleep crate or bed?' He will start to walk over to his bed and sleep there, FIRST ...
While we are busy surfing net, I turn back and he went missing ...
Then I realised he is RIGHT UNDER my FEET, snuggling his his tiny bed!
After sometime, TOto got himself lost in the room again!
And looking around the small bedroom, he was right next to Hubs by the side sleeping like that ...
Gosh where is his head???
So acrobatic!? I bet he will wake up with a bad neck pain!
I always wish we can get into his head ...


  1. omg what is that last picture??? hahahahaha so funny!! Polar often takes up the Thriller stance which cracks me up. They always love going where the pack leader goes ;) Pan's crate is in my room, and unless I'm in the room (or just walk there) then only he will get his lazy ass up and go to his crate automatically. Otherwise he will take Polar's crate for his own or sleep on the floor lol

  2. Hahaha ya we call him 小僵尸! Ur boys are so well train in their crate training! TOto he has no sleeping 原则, he sleep everywhere!! The only area he doesnt goes to is our toilet and the kitchen!

  3. With so many comfy spots to choose from, I can see why TOto would want to sleep in every one of them! But that last spot he found next to your Hubby must be TOto's ultimate favourite. The pose says it all (LOL)!

  4. @Maple's mommy
    Come to think of it, that does seems to be his last spot and where he knocked out the deepest. But no matter how many spots we leave for him, he sure secretly JUMP up our bed!! All these are just his 'act'! When the lights off, he will sneak up!