Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dog Day of Denton 2011 - Pt 2

Recently TOto has this habit of waking up before dawn, about 5am, and going to the patio for his morning shift Guard-duty. And after sun rise about 7.30am, his shift end, he will knock to come in from the Patio and has his breakfast! I so poor thing has to wake at 5am to open door, 7.30am to open door and fixed his breakfast! *Sleep Deprivation*
TOto is still resting from yesterday Denton's Day!
Mammeee has time to update blog and watch TV.

One of the toys that TOto love most from Denton Dog day's gifts, is this Tug rope with a rubber bone!
It was a surprise to us, we thought he has quit his rubber fascination.

Enjoying his Rope chew after a long day and a bath!

TOto looks so pretty, I cannot help but take a few more pictures!!
And he smell so good ...
Hahaha, daddeee thinks that after a long day he still not sleeping and that is how he is being 'PUNISH'!
Placing all the toys on TOto!
The darndest thing the 2 of them do at home!
GOsh it is really a long day for us!


  1. So many toys for TOto!!! Love what your hubs did to TOto LOL! I wish there was something in my area like that too :)

  2. @yve
    There is a column here every friday that will write out what is the dog event available here around the area every weekend. So there is almost something for doggies here every weekend!! I really hate the day we have to bring TOto back to Singapore, sure very boring!!

  3. TOto looks extra fluffy and shiny - I love it when they've just had a bath!