Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sleeping in Crate automatically!

The daily run downstair is really working on TOto and immediately after the usual run just right downstairs, he comes back "BATTERY FLAT"! Even when I am wiping his paw he is lying flat down flat on the floor!
And he now has this habit of walking right into his Crate to rest!!

Finally we have a dog who think his crate is a safe haven! Sometimes in the afternoon, he will walk into his crate to sleep too. And I think he feel safer if we LOCK it while he sleeps! Because if not he will walk in and walk out his crate and that is my cue to lock his crate so that he can sleep in peace.

SO the best way to crate training is to MAKE THEM SO TIRED, they feel the need to find a safe 'cave' and the crate will be their safe haven! Even when we are preparing to go out, he didn't come following us in and out of rooms. And even when we are at the door saying our usual goodbyes to TOto he didnt bat and eyelid. TOto will raised his head a little, and then give us a 'OK GO, don't disturb me!' look and goes back to sleep.

Haha now we know, spending an extra one hour downstairs for him to run, and we can have more date nights!!


  1. Oh, I thought you said TOto was crate trained? I will leave Panpo in the crate all night (except when it's cold) and when we are out (trying to lessen that now). Now we are crate-training Hachi so he is in the crate 24/7 except when we leave for walks and to do his business. He's taken to the crate so much that we have to pull him out to 'go pee pee' lol. Now when he cries it's only because he smells food (when I'm training Panpo) and wants some!

  2. @yve
    Yah Toto is crate trained but we seldom see him walked into the crate automatically by himself and let us lock. Usually we have to 'request' for him to go in. But recently being so tired, he do that more often. At night we will crate him for the first few hours, after that he wil jump in bed with us hahaha. But we will still crate him when we go out.

    OMG the rowdy Hachi is 'restrained' by you so fast!! You are GOOD!! Hahaha, we should sent TOto for training at your end for some 'discipline'~

  3. Ah I see... Panpo love the crate. Dogs descended from wolves, so the crate is supposed to be their den, so naturally a safe place for them. I don't know why dogs won't love their crates or won't go in them automatically. It's really the only place that solely belongs to them :P Actually one of the factors contributing to them loving their crate is probably because I am very fierce and they wanna run away from me? Hahahahaha!

    Not at all!!! OMG he is okay in the crate if there are people/dogs around, like in the living room. If we put him in the bathroom separate from the other dogs...gosh the sound is like a bloodcurdling scream/bark and it's incessant! He has a really serious case of separation anxiety. He is starting to influence Panpo to bark/cry more often now. Now that he seldom barks (with ppl/dogs around) and can walk on a loose lead I actually thought he was fine, but I'm just kidding myself because he still has the huge aggression problem + separation anxiety. Also marking in the house. I don't know how to remove these stains... Hachi's pee is like super concentrated yellow FML. I'm at my wits' end.

  4. One of the reason why we bought a new dog instead of adopting one is because we are scared we adopt a problematic ones plus both of us inexperience. If i adopt one like hachi, i think I pull my hair out.

    I believe you let them drink apple cidar water right? When TOto still pee at home, he drinks that and his urine less smelly and yellowish. Hopes that help. In USA we have Nature Miracle to help remove stain and smell, that is good. We also bought a carpet cleaner :x Reduce alot of arguement between me and hubs hahaha!

  5. Hachi can't be rehomed... You can't really rehome a dog with agression problems. Medical problems ok, but not serious behavioural ones. Yeah those who are inexperienced (me too) shouldn't have rescue dogs. A friend of mine had a rescue dog and gosh the dog is really problematic. I don't know how people can live with dogs who have so many obvious problems, but hey, whatever floats their boat. It's their dog anyway *whistles*

    Oh you reminded me! Thanks for that! Hachi doesn't share their water because he is confined to the crate. Panpo's water bowl has ACV and probiotics in it and Hachi can't have it because he's on antibiotics. But I will add some ACV to his water. Hopefully he takes to it!

    Haiyo. I have so many carpet sprays and I also bought a carpet washer. I just got my carpets professionally cleaned yesterday, and the guy said the urine is too acidic and have burned deep down and so the stains can't be removed. Pro also say that lah, what can I do? For a food stain before I tried the white vinegar thing but it only made the stain worse. White vinegar used to work well for me at my old place, but this place has wool carpeting so it doesn't work.

  6. @Yve
    Oppps, I didnt know that aggressive dog cannot be rehomed. When I was younger, we had a few dogs (one at a time) but was all given away because of chewing and urine problem! That why we are determined to train TOto proper, I know I cannot live with such a rowdy dog! I cannot take stress like that!

    Before TOto I was such a clean FREAK. I give up now! Everywhere is fur and dust, and now cannot lie on the carpet knowing he has pee here and there hahaha! Wool carpeting :x
    I give up, already prepare to give up our deposit for the rented apartment hahaha ...

  7. Chewing and urine problem can train one. Aggressive dog can't rehome... if sent to RSPCA sure PTS. So when people give up their pets cuz of their lack of training it's pretty much a guaranteed death wish for them =X

    Hahah! Do Westies shed? I always get different answers from different people. I think Po does shed a little, but at times nothing at all. When I pull at his hair it comes off easily. Luckily Pan doesn't shed. Me too lol my bond is gone for sure I think, might even have to pay more :P Luckily the furniture is mine or I will die!

  8. I guess 'shedding' has different meaning to different people. I have seen dogs that really shed!! Just brushing your hand over their body u see the fur drop out all over. And because we handstrip TOto supposedly they don't shed because all the lose furs are pluck out. But because like human hair they will still hv drop hair/fur. So I don't think the 'shed' seriously like some dogs but if I find that he has sign of 'shedding' I start comb out the fur for those shed fur that is stuck in his body. I don't have fur problem on my sofa and bed. SO shedding or not? I also not sure ...