Friday, June 17, 2011

OLD Habit die hard!

This corner is TOto's food corner since DAY 1, and just yesterday I need to mop the kitchen's floor so we have to crate off the area, and we move his dinner bowls to another area near the Patio door.

Guess what, TOto go sniffs his food and then walked away and sat next to the kitchen area!!!

It was like telling us,' Mammeee, I should eat here in the kitchen!'
Both me and Hubs, "SILENT"!

More photographs of TOto's nakedness!
It was such a tiring Handstripping night, TOto didn't ask for food or go downstair till 1pm the next day afternoon!! BUT he still woke up at 5am to go out to the Patio, and request to come in at 8am but didn't request for food and comes straight to bed!!
Still some uneveness, have to 'trim' more!
It is actually very naked close up!
But isn't the nakedness better for the hot hot summer!?
Hahahahaha ..
But I have to remind Hubs to help TOto wear a tee if he is bringing TOto out in the afternoon, prevent SUN BURNT!


  1. hello there, thanks for stopping by yuki's blog. yes, she does look a lot like a westie when she's upside down...but then you see she's a schnauzer with her floppy ears, when she turns back around. toto is so cute :)

  2. LOL, dogs really will get used to routine! I heard of someone's dog always eating in the kitchen and getting so protective of his territory and bit the toddler who wandered into the kitchen! The mother then banned the girl from the kitchen =_=

    Waa yeah TOto looks really red and raw! If I stripped Polar until like that I'd be so shimtia >< when you strip him, will he feel painful?

  3. @Yve
    WOah tat dog is so territorial!
    Hahaha I stripped until so addictive lor! TOto has been stripped since we had him so I think he more or less used to it. It is only painful if I didn't pull properly. And I think some area are more sensitive but I don't think is painful. He will be uncomforable because of the awkward positions.

    But I think he will look so pretty in winter when his fur grow in and the skirt is longer keke! Oh I still hv to trim his ear and face. *faint* Just pluck his ear hair. SO MUCH work to be done!!