Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rural Westie in a Urban WOrld, 'Faking a Dig!'

This is what naughty TOto does when he wants some attention! We are in the living room doing our own stuffs ignoring TOto and  TOto starts to push his Chew bones underneath the tables and starts digging making alot of digging noises, and sometimes he will scratch our feet or whines for us to help him get the bones. We are so used to his 'fake' antics, now we just ignore him!
But it is so fun watching him do that!!

And NO, there isn't any gold underneath the table ...


  1. Hahaha! Panpo will do that too, but just like in their crate or on their beds... no toys at all! dunno digging for what or to where. Maybe TOto really wants to get his bone and can't get to it leh?

    If the food falls out of his crate Polar will try whatever it takes to reach it from inside the crate!

  2. @yve
    No lor, we tried to take out a few times for him, he will still purposely push it in then come disturb us to take the chew out. Until we ignore him or give up play with him to distract him.

  3. Hahahahahah! Darn cute la naughty TOto. Such a smart attention-seeker :))

  4. @yve
    Sometimes they really outsmart us, buay tahan!