Tuesday, June 28, 2011

TOto that is MY smellie blankie!

Recently TOto has been very tired because Hubs has been bringing him to the Daycamp daily. And we thought this way he won't have time to miss me. But TOto has his way to show he misses me!

I had purposely folded and place my pink blanket high above the pillow so that TOto couldn't get to it because TOto very seldom 'dare' to climb up our pillow and slept on top of us!

But we guess he really missed me ...
Haha he missed me so much he has to nuzzle his nose into my smelly blankie to sniff my scent out of it!
That 'area' has become his source of comfort at night.
I miss you very much too, TOto ...


  1. Ok, yup, it's very clear that TOto misses you! LOL, he is so cuuuuute cuddling and nuzzling your blanket like that. Will you be teleconferencing with TOto, or is that a no-no based on past experience? I did try Skyping with Maple, but she had this confused look on her face as if to say, "I hear Momsy. I see Momsy. But that's NOT Momsy!" After that, she walked away from view of the webcam. *sigh* So much for trying.

  2. Oh! By the way, I checked out your other blog called 'ee-myjunkhobby' - very cool! Interesting content, too. Glad to see you're enjoying the Hong Kong Mee... it does look really good.

  3. @Maple mommy,
    My husband don't want to do it haha. Because the last time we tried it got so bad, the rest of the night he will start whining, and then he will start to get agigate and run around the house looking for me. Hubs will have a hard time calming him down. So teleconferencing now is just looking at home with the mike MUTED! Can't even chat with my Hubs!

    Awwww Maple is just confused, or your voice is 'change' via the Laptop's speaker she cannot regconised you? I have this high pitched tone, it is so hard to miss! Keke ~

    I created ourwestie-toto because I guess like 'Babies' not everyone really want to read about it DAILY, so only for the interested, haha!

  4. okok i will post again :P i'm sure TOto misses you a lot lah!!! Just like you miss him dearly :)

    I skyped with Hachi's mum in TW and he had no reaction at all :( Like he didn't know who she was, didn't recognise her voice, didn't go around finding her and all that. I don't know why like that lah :(

  5. @eve
    Omg, I will be so sad lor! Haha my hubs have to reassured me daily he still miss me like how he still sleeping on my blanket and pillow and how he will still go smell my crocs slipper at home hahaha. If not I 不安心!