Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A night in Lewisville DOgpark 06.15.2011

I am handstripping TOto recently and thought to strip his butt (one the thickest area) in the park after his run when he is very tired and Hubs can hold him for me. So we waited till all the others have left and we start to handstrip him. At one point a police officer stops by, I thought we are being 'caught' for littering the area with FUR! But the patrol officer was very nice, he offered k9 Medical Help, he thought TOto was hurt with all the 'Attention' we are giving him! But we did manage to finish that 'butt', And I am left with his 'NECK'; in my opinion the most difficult part.

Today is a Full moon night, can you spot the moon?
Difference of a higher end and lower end picture, most are BLUR!
Even with editing, it didn't help much, still BLUR!
Slow to capture.
There isn't much dogs tonight, to be specific only TWO!
And both doesn't play ...
So Hubs have to play with him ...
TOto's eye is always on the 'Orange' ball!
TOto go drink water ...
TOto's drinking station!

Warm but windy night, and TOto is exhausted by the time he reached home
BUT he still wakes up at5.30am.
Sun, STOP rising so early!

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