Monday, June 13, 2011

A usual weekend run downstair 06.11.2011

Some lady asked whether our dog is a 'Show Dog' because TOto is so pretty! *Proud* TOto is indeed one good-looking westie!
TOto is not feeling really well so we decide not to daycamp him and crate him at home instead. So we brought him down for his usual 45 minutes to 1 hour run!

These are some of the photographs that I had taken and I had uploaded a video too!
These are some daily mundane stuffs but I really want to 'record' this memory somewhere so that I won't forget them one day when I leave this place ...

Love this photograph of TOto fetching his ball back!
A boy walking his Tze-tsu walks past ...
Tze-tsu comes says 'Hi'!
Tze-tsu has such short nose when they sniff the grounds it looks like their WHOLE Face is stuck to the ground; it is so funny!
A very tired dog under the hot hot hot sun!
TOto '喝水'!
(Drink water)
Hey this is a better picture with his famous Westie's tail UP HIGH!
This video took the whole day to be upload!
*Bleah* HD Video ...

One of his favourite resting spot right out of the office door, a rocking chair!
Smile TOto mammeee wants to take photographs!
Weeeeeeeeeee, he is finally tired!!!
We sneaked our rather late ...
We usally rushed back before the sunset, and recently sunset at about 9pm and we had so much extra time! TOto's sense of time is SUN-rise and SUN-set so as long as we come back before SUN-set, he will think it is 6pm and dinner time!!

Dadddeee HATE this PINK float but this is on discount at USD6.99, ignoring the colour it is a GOOD BUY! We are maybe using this for once or twice for a 'Tubing' trip I planned to go so I don't want to invest in a 'USUAL' price flat for TOto!
So cute right especially with all the PINK flowers, wahaahahaha!
He cannot stand the 'Humiliation', he goes bite TUrtle to sleep!

Till he fell asleep!
Woke up adjust and goes back to sleep!

While looking through the photographs in my camera, suddenly TOto was in my face with one of his toy to play!! I thought he is sleeping already? Maybe he just want to forget the 'Pink Vest' humiliation that why he pretend to sleep hahahahaha ...
TOto, this girly frisbee toy is one of your earliest toy we brought along to fetch you with!


  1. I love the video! Your estate is sooo pretty!! It must be pretty good living in the states... hmm. TOto is drinking straight from the bottle? So cute!! Dunno why I didn't think of that lol. TOto is sure one active dog :)

    6.99 is a really good price! It's at least 20 here :( TOto looks super tiny omg @@

  2. One of the reason Hubs refused to move to another apartment is because we are facing the pool and the patch of green just downstair is just nice for TOto!! Very convenient, but our apartment is TINY! But we love the unblock view of our patio!

    Oh haha my hubs found this adaptor; Pet Top Combo Portable Drinking Device. I think this is one of its kind, so far we hadn't see any other brand using it. But it is very convenient! Just have to bring that adaptor out and just buy any mineral water can use ...

    TOto is small he heavy leh about 18-19lbs leh! Maybe he 'Lanky' not as wide. Haha u are right the float is cheap at USD6.99, the usual we see here in USA also about USD20-30+ lo~ So expensive!!!

  3. I think you're doing a great job of documenting TOto's life with you and your hubs. It's true, we shouldn't miss these moments. I love taking pictures of Maple, but have been a bit lazy with the video camera. I should really start doing more filming! TOto comes to life in your videos and you can see his personality shine through.

    P.S. TOto looks just fine in pink. It'll be a hit with the female dogsters, I'm sure ;)

  4. @Maple's mommy
    Oh please upload some Maple video soon!!
    I would love to see some silly things she do keke~ I guess my hubs would wait out for some other 'Manly' safety Float to be on discount and return this 'Pink' safety vest!!