Friday, June 8, 2012

I luff Summer Rain ~

... Somewhere in my heart I'm always
Dancing with you in the summer rain ...
Belinda Carlisle
I loves the rain, especially in HOT and DRY Texas!
Summer rain, please visit us EVERYDAY ...

But TOto hates the thunder and would almost always get tummy upset the next day! But recently we realized once the thunder and lightning starts, we will feed TOto with 1/4 famotidine to prevent his tummy upsets and it works! But still TOto will becomes a scaredy cat and needs to be in our lap ...

With the last rain episode, we realised that TOto's raincoat has shrunk and he definitely need a NEW and LARGER coverage from the rain! And we were SO LUCKY to find this bright orange raincoat at Petsmart selling it @ Clearance price of USD12+ and we have got a USD3 discount coupon ...
So this cute raincoat cost us about USD10+ after tax!
And it fit TOto so well!
Large enough to cover TOto's butt and even has a bib-liked design to cover his chest!
It also has a bra-strapped feature at TOto's thigh to make sure the end of the coat doesn't flip.
SO CUTE right!
I wished there is another Colour but the next available colour is PINK!
Daddeee would refused to walked TOto in PINK!
As if, TOto knows that Pink is a girly colour; AS ifffffffffffffff ...


  1. Wowww... TOto looks good in the orange raincoat, so handsome! Has TOto gone outside playing in the rain yet? Jayber refused to walk when the ground is wet :P

    1. No leh, TOto hates the rain! He almost always won't poop but we still need to bring down to pee, and walk abit to see whether he wants to poop or not ... Hahaha jayber and Toto same pattern! We were just discussing if next time, we are back to SG and wanted another westie, will get u to introduce us to your breeder! From SG fly to Australia to buy westie will be easier!!

    2. Ya same same, Jayber will not poop or pee either in the rain. Yes same westie pattern! Haa...haa...

      Sure will introduce you the westie breeder :) You have to be put on Q and wait for 1 year! But it is all worth it, the westies are all so adorable :)