Friday, June 15, 2012

TOto is CLEAN!

We usually walked TOto along Fairfield Village which is where Canine Common Dogpark is, and will always walked pass this water drinking fountain. And TOto will always recognize this drinking fountain and will always request to drink water here. We will carry him and he will drink the water in our arm.

A very nice place to walk TOto ~

But yesterday as usual when TOto is drinking out of the fountain.
A family of 4-5 walked past, and the mother PROCLAIM LOUDLY for her children (loud enough for us to hear),"And that is why we don't drink from water fountain."

I was like, "WTH, I can hear that!!!"

I thought I will only meet such scenarios in SG and I always think people here are more, tolerant, open minded and more 'educated' than to EXCLAIM something like that LOUDLY! It is a OUTDOOR water fountain, even if TOto doesn't drink from it, it will still be DIRTY!


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