Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dallas Pet Expo 2012

It is at least 40C and feels like 100C ...

The admission to the event is FREE but the car park is USD10.00!
It was a short walk to the actual building but because of the HEAT, it feels like a 20minutes walk!
But we are glad that the event is INDOOR and air-conditioned!
Warning overloaded with LOTS and LOTS of  PICTURES; enter at own risks!

We have to fill up a form and show proof of TOto's vaccination before entering.
*Phew* finally we are in!
It wasn't as big as I imagine it to be, well they used the name 'EXPO'!
So I imagine it will be HUGE but Daddeee already warned me not to expect TOO MUCH.

But we see quite a number of new products that are available in the market ike this Lighted and Magnification nail-trimmer. 
Hmmmm interesting ...
There are both dogs and cats rescue and even a Sugar glider counter.
Daddeee joining a lucky draw!
There are alot of different 'Talks' on stage and even performance and games!
And here is the 'Star' of the event; Shorty Ross, Pitt Boss from Animal Planet.
My 'STAR' just keeps wanting mammeee to CARRY HIM!

Agility performances ...
I bet TOto just want to be like this Pom pom resting in comfort in a kangaroo pouch!

I imagine TOto hanging this way infront of me, I think NO ONE can see ME!

Brought TOto out for a short break.
I don't think he likes the noises and the crowd!
He is too used to being in a quiet and controlled environment.

And we continued to try finish the counter one by one ...

We are drawn to this Himalayan treat.
It is advertised as ALL NATURAL, just milk.
But it felt like hard plastic and smell like cheese!
And the small pieces can be baked in microwave and it pop like popcorn!
We don't know whether TOto will like the treat so we dare not purchase any but we bought a few samples back for TOto to try!
OMG, this spaniel is sooooooooooooooo CUTE!
It looks just like a sleeping TOY!
Amidst the noise and the crowd, it can still sleep so soundly ...
TOto wouldn't be able to do that, he will be on ALERT 24/7 and goes crazy cranky if he gets too tired.
When TOto gets too tired, he starts paw-ring at me for me to 抱抱 him!
Imagine carrying a 20lb/9kg jasmine rice walking around a expo convention!! 
I over-indulged him.
We need to get him a Pet stroller him, he is really too heavy for ME!
Yeah he prefers I carry him, he don't feel comfortable when daddeee carries him!
Even sitting down, he sure choose MY LAP!
Arrrghhhh ...
I was a tad disappointed that there isn't any vendors on Pet strollers.
We left SOON!

There is a CAR museum right outside the Expo's Building.
And TOto meet a CORGI, his favorite play-buddy!
And TOto spot this damn 'Chio' Poodle!
She is so 'IN'!
And TOto just has to STEAL A KISS!
And when I say 'CAR CAR'; TOto again, is very enthusiastic to GO HOME!
Didn't stop to SNIFF or MARK~
And he just sleeps all the way HOME!
I myself couldn't wait to GO HOME too!
It was really TOO HOT ...

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