Saturday, June 30, 2012

TOto's 1st 4th July Firework

We are so excited, this will be our first family outing for 4th July Celebration!
For the past few years, I always goes back to SG during this period of time; thus always missing out 4th JULY! But this year Daddeee has to work BUT he came back just in time! The parking was HELL, still we manage to find a place.
It is a HUGE FUN FAIR but the event were very rowdy and noisy and TOto starts his panicky self again! He used to be able to take in and tolerate all these rowdiness, I wonder what happen?
He seems to be very panicky and uneasy with all the noises of the environment.

SO we didn't walkabout and found a place to settle down with our foldable chair!
But TOto is still very panicky and tries to RUN OFF a few times hahaha.
(Running off meaning pulling the leash and leading Daddeee back to his car!)
And my leg is full of TOto panicky struggling paw's scratches!
It is actually WORST than it looks on the picture.
Later on, he starts to calm down and rather sat on the ground.
When the fireworks started, TOto cannot get his eyes off all the blink blink in the sky!
He seems to be enjoying the show but still shivers abit when the fireworks launches with the loud bang!

His eyes did not leave the firework throughout the whole show!

The firework display is spectacular!
TOto seems angry with us hahaha!
He refused to kiss me throughout the whole show, and was pulling his face away from me.
At almost the end, he relaxed abit and rested his face on my knee ...
But still very vigilant!
We wonder does he enjoy the show?
The way he just wants to scurry off, and gets back into the car, should be my answer ...
I wonder if we watched the fireworks display in the comfort of our car or home, would he feels more comfortable?

He is back to his old self once he is back at home!


  1. Looks like you all enjoyed the 4th of July celebrations! TOto was such a good sport to have stayed on for the fireworks. Miss Maple would have scrambled out of there in an instant. We once brought her with us to watch the CNY lion dance - she freaked out! And, yes, I too was left with lots of scratch marks on my arms and legs (lol).

    1. He has no choice! Every year he hears the loud bang of the fireworks but cannot see where they are so we are hoping that by seeing the 'fireworks' it will help with his fear. He seems to enjoy the fireworks but then he really hate the sound it made! The older he gets the more paranoid he is!! We wonder why. He used to be able to goes to such event with ease but now he is just panicky and just want to leave the area if it is too noisy and rowdy!