Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Our LAZY furboy!

One mid-afternoon, TOto is lying in the middle of nowhere right smack in the center of the Living room right infront of the TV and inbetween the coffee table ...
Realised that I am taking his photographs, wakes up and starts to yawn ...
And then stretched ...
Looks up and knocks back down to SLEEP!
I AM NOT COMPLAINING hahaha, it is either him sleeping or him forcing us to play with him!

I'll show the guys what I gotten from last weekend's event from Denton's Dog Day!
Surprisingly now that TOto's is older, he prefers soft-toy to rubbery stuffs!
And we had a few Greenies too but TOto doesn't seems to like it very much; my weird furboy!
AND, that's why we love Denton Dog Day the MOST!

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