Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Toto Coarse fur is OUT!

A stranger once ask us,' How did we manage to keep toto so clean and white!'

I do not know what we did right but My guess :
  • We comb him ALMOST daily.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar added to his first batch of water in the morning.
  • After his outdoor run, we spritz him with his shampoo that is mixed with water, and we wipe him out with a towel THOROUGH and he hates that!
  • He keep to ONLY his SOLID GOLD KIBBLES and water, we seldom give him treat and other kind of food
  • I think my best bet will be the kibbles, because even his moustachy is not stained.

BUT maybe he is still a puppy, and that is why he is still clean, white and fluffy hahaha

After 2months of hand plucking his fur RELIGIOUSLY,
We finally see result, and we are so HAPPY with ourselves PLUS the fact that we SAVE ALOT of $$$$. One 2 hour session will COST us USD65.00! And I am very sure, we will not be able to see result in 1 or 2 sessions!
Can you spot the coarse hair!?
So heart pain when we are hand stripping him, but Toto's pain tolerance is BERY high. And when I made a mistake and caused him extreme PAIN, he forgive me very quickly. PLUS he seldom snap at me even when I made such mistakes! But he has more patience and tolerate Longer when he is younger!
Now he only listen to YQ! :P
Hopefully YQ will continue to handstrip him when I am not around!
Handstripping also makes the dog SMELL better. So when he starts to have a doggy smell, we will have a round of stripping, either by hand or a ROUGH comb through with a metal comb to pull out his dead fur!

We have progressing to handstripping his head and that is DIFFICULT!
He is now about 15inch long from his neck.
MY FURBALL use to be only about 9inch when he arrives.

And he is officially housebroken.
There are still mistake here and there but the mistakes are getting LESSER and lesser!
But still he needs LOTS of reminder but we are also seeing him getting on NUGI all by himself frequently.
And he knows the command 'GO PEE PEE nugi'! Because he have to do that in order to have access to the PATIO!

So we crate him for first half of the night and the 2nd half he be roaming the house and sleep freely! So after his PEE and POOP in the morning, he will COME KISSING us to wake up and clean after his POOP!

So every morning, we have to wake up and CLEAN SHIT~

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