Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Aftermath @ Unleashed Indoor dog park!

We are proud to announce TOTO is housebroken at 16 weeks!
Or even way before that, but when he is feeling unwell, or too excited during play he still has some accident. But now at 19 weeks, he is very stable especially with his poop. So we do not have to worry with accidents when he is at home. The problem now is when we bring him out and he refused to PEE until he is in the car!!

After Saturday run in Unleashed, he had a GOOD NIGHT sleep and slept THROUGHOUT the night, and didn't even wake up in the early morning! And the whole afternoon, he was really groggy and couldn't move much!!

How I wish he can go run in UNLEASHED EVERYDAY!
Too bad it is already close down ...

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