Saturday, June 12, 2010

1st and last @ Unleashed Dog Park!

Finally we can bring Toto to the Unleashed Indoor dog park, but they have made announcement that the dog park will be closing! ARRRRrrghhh SO SAD. It is a great place, with Air Con, Cafe, Wi-fi and synthetic grass!! WHY WHY WHY!!

I am abit allergic to GRASS, everytime we visit those outdoor dogparks I will come home with ALOT of insect bites. THIS PLACE IS GREAT, and I do not have to be exposed to the harmful UV rays, I can look pretty and walk my dog, WHY NOT!

So sad, this will be the first and last time we will be visiting the DOG park, hopeful they relaunch soon and PLEASE OPEN one near PLANO!!
Took lots of picture, but Toto is so happy RUNNING about. IT IS SO HARD to get a good picture of him!!! But he will still come running back to us when he hear us call him, pheeewwww ...
At least he still have US in his heart and will stop play and come running back, especially with YQ's whistle!!

In the end, Toto is infatuated with this Female Westie, MS HONEY!!
He was so happy running, biting and playing a fool with this galgal westie!!
Sniffing around to find a place to POOP!
The only time he calm down for me to shoot some photos!
After POOPING looking for playmate again!!
His gf of the day, a 2 years old Westie; Mz Honey!

Toto at Unleashed dog park!

Toto playing with Mz Honey, a 2yr old westie gal!

When he reaches home, he still don't want to rest, STILL WANT TO PLAY!
Hahaha, got to force him to go rest before he realised that he is REALLY REALLY REALLY tired!!

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