Monday, June 7, 2010

Daddy go work, GOODBYE

Today when Daddy is going to work, Toto is at Patio concentrating on a dog that is walking by. So Daddy has no chance to say bye bye face to face. And when Toto comes back into the bedroom to look for me, he started whining, and keep sniffing at the changing room.

He is LOOKING for daddy! I have to keep telling him Daddy go work, not at home. He is not convince, and I have to open the changing room to let him in to sniff one round. After that he sniff ALL THE WAY to the door and kept sniffing the air around the door.

NOT giving up, he goes back into the bedroom and sniff at the changing door AGAIN! I have to repeatedly tell him that his daddy has gone to work. Not giving up, he sat just outside the changing room door and waited!!

I have to crate him to settle him, and let him goes back to sleep.

Haiyo I almost want to call Daddy back to say Goodbye again!

Love this photo ...

My Cat, erm Dog big backside!!!
We removed his PEN, and now he has the habit of bringing all his toy to this area to play!
Erm, we have to throw this ..
And now all his play or bite is supervised. After awhile we will change the chew with Ice to soothe his gum. If not usually he will chew till all his gum is blue black and bleeding!!

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