Tuesday, June 29, 2010

One of the Naugtiest day and CAUGHT on CAMERA!

Today RECORD one of the NAUGHTIEST day since the day we gotten him!
YQ is very angry with TOTO.
We do not know what is up with Toto today.
YQ still brought him for a morning walk before work hoping that the walk would drain some of his energy!

But instead, YQ come home to this ...
And there were shit EVERYWHERE, to be precise 3 spot! 2 on the WRONG SPOT!
YQ nearly LOSE it!! YQ is so upset with Toto, that he crated him and YQ hide inside the bedroom ignoring Toto!
Of course we somehow knew that is going to happen because I saw it ALL ON the MSN VIDEO!! AND YQ rushed home as soon as he can! So we had a HUGE arguement, and IN THE END. We decide Toto has to go to a daycare.

Again we guess, he was teething and that might have been the reason he is so destructive and thus acting out his displeasure with YQ leaving for work. In the evening, after one of his big molar tooth drop out after an hour of tug and war ; YQ mention that he can see that Toto is so much relax and start RUNNING about the house in the middle of the night 1am!!

And the happy Toto finally is back after the tooth fell off ...

This mistake is going to cost us about USD20 to replace the keyboard, and USD10 to replace a chew cable! And a daily fee of USD17 for him to be safely in a daycare center!

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