Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Oppsie, Toto n his NUGI ...

Toto did something that he hadn't done in a LONG LONG LONG while, he pooped and Peed on the carpet yesterday night!! YQ caught him on the spot, and scolded him so loud, I thought he is KILLING my dog! Hahaha, I have to JUMP out of bed ...

And we know it is really NOT all TOto fault, know why!?

Because the NUGI aka his toilet, is VERY DIRTY! I had saw that earlier and forgotten to inform YQ to clean it. Poor Toto, he must have felt very bad, very 无奈! Because we guess after his poop, he came and lick my eye, HE NEVER do that AT NIGHT, and I was wondering WHY!?

After YQ clear up his shit, he still goes sniffing at one area of the carpet, to let YQ knows that 'Gee Dad, I pee here too!!', haha another round of scolding for Toto!! Poor thing le, inform dad still Kana scolding ...

And how we know TOTO knows it is at fault? Because THIS MORNING, TOto actually COME and wake YQ up BEFORE his business!! Hahahahaha ~ It like telling YQ , see I KNOW I should pooped and peed at NUGI, and he did it 'ZHUN ZHUN' (accurately) without the POOP falling out of place!!

SO WEIRD right! (Toto usually POOPED before coming in to wake us up!)

Toto is a HYGIENE freak with regards to his NUGI area, if the NUGI gets too smelly or too FULL, he won't use it until we change him a new one! This is his habit since VERY VERY young, hahahaha ~

Me and YQ always says to him,' NEED to be so clean or NOT!'

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