Saturday, August 21, 2010

I see a CJ7, Brussel Griffon!

I think Brussel griffons are those very RARE type of dogs that you seldom see on the street, and I get to see one in REAL life last weekend. Their fur are SOFT like hair and they are very soft and sweet nature!! And one of the more famous Brussels Griffon would be from 'As good as it gets'!

I never thought that I get to see this in real life, and the one I get to see is really really very pretty. And the lady was so shocked that I can recognise the dog and NAME IT OUT. She mentions not many people can recognise the breed! So ODD huh!

And The reason is because I always find this particular breed of dog, looks like CJ7 in Stephen Chow movie! Don't ask me why, that is just my impression! But this breed looks very princessy, like some pampered 小姐! NOT hardy like our Toto!

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