Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Neutering Why?

FOr Yanyan or anyone who don't know ...

Actually before coming to USA, I also don't realise that neutering a dog actually does MORE good than not. It sounds cruel but then the 'facts' are we Human wants to live in harmony with our Dogbuddies, so more or less we have to 'sacrifice' them for everyone of us.

Being a 'responsible' dog parents here meant 'Spaying' (for female dogs) or 'Neutering' (for male dogs) when they are about 6months old or older for the BIGGER dogs; because they mature later. But 6months are the 'recommended' age. Best; before the dogs reaches sexual maturity ...

The advantages noted is as far as I can remember :

  • Reduce sexual tension thus reduce the chances of your dogs running away because he 'smell' a bitch in heat.
  • Reduce Aggression in a dog, VERY IMPORTATNT!
  • Prevent territorial urination marking at home or ANYWHERE! This is CRUCIAL to US, haha we don't want him to keep urinating everywhere IN THE HOUSE!
  • And then neutering also prevents the embarassing habit of always trying to 'HUMP' other dogs or Humans! (VERY EMBARASSING to the owner, and this habit is the hardest to break!)
  • Plus alot of Daycare or Dogs permitted area only allowed Neutered dogs.
From : Y2SPAY.org

There are several health benefits to neutering. One of the most important concerns the prostate gland, which under the influence of testosterone will gradually enlarge over the course of the dog's life. In age, it is likely to become uncomfortable, possibly being large enough to interfere w/defecation. The prostate under the influence of testosterone is also predisposed to infection which is almost impossible to clear up without neutering. Neutering causes the prostate to shrink into insignificance thus preventing both prostatitis as well as the uncomfortable benign hyperplasia (enlargement) that occurs with aging. It is often erroneously held that neutering prevents prostate cancer but this is not true.

Other health benefits of neutering include the prevention of certain types of hernias and tumors of the testicles and anus. Excessive preputial discharge is also reduced by neutering.


The only behavior changes that are observed after neutering relate to behaviors influenced by male hormones. Playfulness, friendliness, and socialization with humans are not changed. The behaviors that change are far less desirable. The interest in roaming is eliminated in 90 percent of neutered dogs. Aggressive behavior against other male dogs is eliminated in 60 percent of neutered dogs. Urine marking is eliminated in 50 percent of neutered male dogs. Inappropriate mounting is eliminated in 70 percent of neutered dogs.

Of course there are other health benefits, but since the benefits outweigh the disadvantages, there is no choice but to SACRIFICE TOto le. It was a small sacrafice for the WHOLE family, TOto will understand. We will bring him out more often because they aren't any undesirable habit of him that we will be embarassed of! And more people will LUV~ him!

So if we don't intend to breed him, that is a small price to pay for Toto own happiness as well!

PLUS it is in HIS contract clause from his Purchas Contract! Kekeke, yah we have to 'KACHA' him!!

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