Thursday, August 5, 2010

@ 6mth old!

@6mths old.

He is fully toilet trained. He now pee and pooped less! Usually he will do it once in the morning before 7.30am and once usually after his breakfast and DURING YQ's breakfast!! Then in the evening once before and once after food. But once in a while he will have ALOT of poops!! We wonder why!? We are using less Pee pad too! Maybe once in the day and then will PEE Off in the evening walk!

He can do some simple command. We didn't teach him any more NEW command after BEG. But now we improvised the command in his daily activities. Example, sit and wait at door before going out. Sit and down for wipe out. Not that TOto cannot learn any more, but we are just simply LAZY hahaha! But he can do alot of Catch Stunt!!

TOto commuicate with us, in his own unique way, and with his non argumentative nature, he seldom BARK to get what he wants.

We realised to let us know he wants to go walk walk. He will go first to the Patio door, and when we open it, he wont go out to the patio. Then he will go over to the Bedroom door, and later go over to the changing room, and lastly to the laundry room. Now we know, Patio door means he want to go out; Bedroom door means he want us TO CHANGE! And lastly go get his LEASH which is in the Laundry room!!

This few days he will just sit STARING at the front door, and I have to ask him to wait for Daddy to come home!!

Another great command he learnt is 'GIVE ME' and he will drop whatever in his mouth to us! That is especially useful when he is eating RABBIT POOP or that PLASTIC BOTTLE CAP!

But he is very naughty in the morning ESPECIALLY if we refused to wake up after he try to wake us. And we will catch him trying to Bite Cables or Sofa or Basket!! And he usually DO Naughty stuffs when he wants us to wake up and we refused, and you know he is doing NAUGHTY thing in the living room!

He can also remember his toys names like 'Crab crab', 'Ka ka', 'Monkey', 'Gecko' etc. But he is VERY LAZY and when you ask for something usually he goes get the most convenient toy that is nearby but if we do not want to play he also no choice but to get it.

During his evening walk, YQ has taught the command 'HEEL', once command given, Toto will walk one round behind YQ turn and wait beside YQ. He also will 'SLOW' down when the command is given! But then when there is a dog or rabbit nearby, Toto will go GA GA!! hahahaha ~

If we didn't help TOto wear his harness, he knows ONLY ME AN YQ is going out without him. And he will not be as excited and will sit and watch us leave without any 'commotions'. MAYBE he is happier when we leave without him because he will have ALOT of 'GAMES' plan out!

Conclusion : TOto is NOT the perfect dog but then he is already SO MUCH better than all of the puppies that I have had in the past! And he does CHEW alot too, we have alot of CHEWED and damage CABLES! Stupid dogs keeping chewing up our Electronic cables, but luckily these are cheap to replace. He also chewed up HOLES in the wall, which luckily is also mendable. He also chewed up a plastic basket which is used to keep his toys. We try to keep alot of stuffs aways from him but sometimes due to our own carelessness, he still gotten his PAW on them! So sometimes we blame ourselves for the mistake we make!

Not the purrrfect puppies but Toto is a dog, like kids these are the CONS that comes along with owning one of them! Hopefully when TOto is older he get wiser too ...

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