Thursday, August 26, 2010

YOU cannot SEE meeee ...

The NAUGHTIEST time of the day is when TOto try to wake us up in the morning and we DON'T WANT to, and he will be up to NO GOOD in that few minutes we do not want to wake up!


If Toto wants to he can wreak havoc the WHOLE night away while we are sleeping but he doesn't, it is always that 5-10minutes when he tries to wake us but we REFUSED to budge, and you know he is being naughty somewhere!!

And how do we know TOto knows that he is doing something he is NOT ALLOW!?

HAhahahaha, we will wake up and call out to him,
'Toto toto where are you?'
(He is train to run to us wherever he is to SHOW face to let us know where he is, and he will do that when usually we cannot see him! Or if he is naughty and do not want to come to us and we will hide ourselves and call out to him!)

And when he is UP TO NO GOOD, he will BECOME VERY STILL, hoping we cannot SEE HIM! And there is a few time we cannot FIND HIM! Hahahha ...

Once he is biting on on of the TV cable and hiding behind our airbed that is parallel to the wall. I saw him seated behind the TV console just out of the gated area, and looking at me. AND HE STOP MOVING ...
(If not he will start running to us! We have learn not to 'shout' or be fierce shouting his 'Name'. Because it might instill fear and next time you call out his name, he will associate it with something BAD!)

The other time which is more obvious is when he crawl UNDER the sofa and was biting at the wood underneath thus creating alot of NOISE. And when YQ calls out to him, HE STOP biting and stop MOVING! Hahahaha so funny lo! Hahaha, YQ still calls for quite long until YQ head go underneath (let Toto know that he is BEING FOUND already) and call out to Toto before Toto is willing to back-crawl and crawl out.

'A'HA GOT CAUGHT on the SPOT hahahahaha ~

And after all the Hoooooo and the haaaaa in the morning, when we are all awake! He goes to sleeeeeeeep ...
Dogs, they are actually VERY clever. They are NOT stupid, it is just whether they respect you enough to do what you want him to do or they just BLATANTLY choose to IGNORE YOU and just do whatever they want to! And Toto always try to test his limit with US!! His ORNERY side is still VERY OBVIOUS ...

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