Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Full Video of Toto daily Wipe OUT!

Initially when we just got him, we were worried that we cannot give him his bath daily and yet we want a clean and healthy dog to LIVE together with so that he can sit on the sofa, snuggle on the floor, sleep on the bed together with us. (NOPE HE DOESN'T SLEEP with us but when we just rested on the bed, he usually 'TRY' to snuggle there with us.) AND I ABSOLUTELY cannot accept, grass, soil, dirt and shit!

PLUS Westie are famous of their skin allergy, so the DOG GENE itself cannot accept daily washes which would DRYOUT their already DRY skin!

So we decided very early on in our life with TOto we would WIPE him clean EVERYTIME he goes out. So if he goes out twice a day, he recieved 2wipes. And we would verbally tell him to accept it because he wants to go out for his walk! And slowly over time, he has gotten use to all the fuss after we got back from his walk.

And NOW he knows to stop and wait at the door for us to prepare him for his wipe, and he will walk to the kitchen. No matter how hungry or thirsty, he KNOW he has to wait for the wipe before he can eat or drink!!

And sometime he will forget and head for the water, and suddenly he HIMSELF would pull the brake and walk right into the kitchen sit and wait out!

So ANYONE who tell me my DOG is DIRTY!
Will GET 2 TIGHT SLAP from me! (YQ say some stupid pple might get offended so I cannot say it that way even thou pple who understand me noes i am just kidding, but there are still alot of stupid pple out there!) Because TOto is cleaner than ALOT of kiddos om the playground playing in the SAND!

For 1ONE, DOGS doesn't SWEAT, so their skin doesn't get sweaty, dirty like HUMAN. So when they smell it is the HAIR and HAIR only. And Westie has a 'HARD' COAT, so dirt SLIDES off!

And like HUMAN head, if the weather is BAD and warm, the head will have a SMELL too. SO that is the famous DOGGY smell, but when the weather is cooling, they will have a dog smell, just like HUMAN who have our HUMAN smell!

When you say my DOG is SMELLY, smell YOURSELF!
Disclaimer: I am talking about TOto and TOto only!

And we believe that is ONE of the reason why TOto don't have discoloured EYE and FEET, which alot of dogs have!

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