Sunday, August 29, 2010

@ Lewisville Railroad Park 2010102 with a Pom

After the scratched incident, Toto is NOW really very careful and choosy about who he plays with. He refused to play with Dogs that are too grouchy, fierce or dogs who growl/bark at him! You can see he will try try to play with different dogs, and if he like ONE of them, Toto will be stuck to that particular dog the WHOLE night. And if NOT, we will see him roaming around the whole night very restless! Oh plus sometime is OTHER dogs who do not want to play with Toto too! Hahaha, we do not know how dogs 'chooses' who to play with and who not to! So weird!

So we will be very thankful, if there is ONE such dog every night that can tired him out! And tonight there is one Pomeranian that wants to play with Toto!

It is very funny watching them play, the owner of the POM is laughing so hard and commenting that she hasn't laugh so hard for so long, and that is the first time she see her POM plays like that. Toto is really a very nice play buddy, he is very gentle BUT he loves to win haha!!

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