Tuesday, August 3, 2010

@ 6mths and Neutered

We finally bring him in to Ka cha (Neutering Op), we have prep him by contantly 'counselling' him! Hahaha, but we do not know whether he get it or not!! The photos here will are classified as NSFW (Not suitable for work) and VERY RA!
After the run the night before he was too tired to eat but luckily he still manage to eat some at about 11.55pm!! In the morning, he is waiting for YQ to give him his breakfast. I think Toto must wonder how come we don't give him food and drink for so long!! (Not allow to eat the night before.)

We have to take one last shot of his Intact parts!
(He is trained to LIE Down without Moving, for us to check check!!)
After he is carried in by the Vet Technician, we can hear Toto's whimpering bark, but I just tell Daddeee to chop chop let's go! I cannot bear to hear his whimpering ...

We were told to 'collect' him after 3pm - 5.45pm .

When we goes down to fetch him and while waiting at the 'Wait area', from FAR FAR away we can hear Toto's whining and whimpering! I guess he 'heard' us and when TOto reached us, he mustered all he can to give us his Westie's kisses and hug! Actually, we are quite surprised that Toto still has strenght to do that, ain't he given anesthetic?? We thought he will still be sleeping, how come he still has the energy and was so enthusiastic and energetic!?

After given the instructions and the QA session with the Vet and assistant, we left with Toto in Daddeee's arm. Once we reached the car, Toto just tumble, but even then he doesn't dare to CLOSE his eyes and just sleep. I think he has this fear we would abandon him.

After a while, finally I can feel his exhaustion and his soft body.
The anesthetic is still working, but he was too excited to see us just now!

When he reached home, he was all Marshmallow and Jelly, he just roll about and falls in and out of sleep refusing water and food. But then we still try to wet his mouth and tongue.
The whole night he just want to sleep and rest near us.
His wound is terrible, I didn't think that it would be this long a scar! I thought the 'Cutting' would be minimal, and the sew up would be prettier. And plus there is a razor shave burn. *heartpain*
We let him rest, and we didn't let him wear his donut hoping he can rest better. So we have to keep a close eyes incase he try to be funny with his wound. But Toto is still very weak and sleepy to do anything funny. He does not even have the strenght to jump up the sofa!!
But still we let him do what he wants since he has been really good with everything. We think Toto really has very good temperament. Although he is not feeling well or even in pain but he still tolerate alot of nonsense from me and YQ; never once snap or growl at us or lose his temper with us!! Again he just wants lots of hugs and kisses, and just wants to be near us to sleep in comfort ... 
 Together with his Op, we also insert his microchip and done his bloodwork!
He is give 2 kinda of meds; Antibiotic, inflammation and Pain.
In another 10 days we shall bring him back to remove his stitches; pray hard everything went smoothy. And Toto continues to Love us!!

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  1. Ouch! Even though this was a long time ago, my heart goes out to TOto! What a sweet thing he is, so affectionate and well-behaved in spite of the discomfort he must have been in.