Friday, August 13, 2010


We have brought TOto to Lewisville dogpark consecutively for 3days and he enjoyed himself very much! But ...

Pretty Sunflower growing at the Perimeter of the Park ...

Yesterday there is a dog who play so rough with Toto, and after being 'shove' for the 3rd time and rolled, TOto let out a LOUD YELP! In other people's point of view, Toto must be a weakling who cannot be rough played and played PUNK by Yelping ...

But we knew something must be wrong, and TOto must be IN PAIN. After that TOto jumped up the bench and just want us to 'sayang' and cuddle him.

After going back, YQ did a thorough check, and indeed there is a wound about 7cm long!! And the fur around that area is STRIP OFF! That is VERY ROUGH play! But still TOto didn't become aggressive and BARK or GROWL, we are still proud of him. But we know he damn DU LAN tat dog, and don't want to play le, hahaha ~

Sleeping like a human being, with MY mini Pillow!!
RA photo of his Recovered Stitches >> read more!

Recovered nicely, even the testicle don't have the 'lose skin' effect!!
Hope he doesn't lose his personality too much!!

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