Thursday, August 5, 2010

Toto and his stitches

He is performing better than we expected.
He is not affected by his wound and stitches much but maybe it is not the 'time' yet. But his wound is healing nicely and drying out already! Usually it is when it start to dry up that is when the itching starts? Hahaha, if not we can return the donut! That piece of JUNK is about USD30plus! WTF, my travel pillow is NOT THAT expensive lor! Really killer, just an extra piece of velcro!? Shitty ...

Anyway his apetite is back to normal, and he can jump and run already! It is easier than I thought!! And I keep thinking the wound would tear or bleed, or it might be infected, or Toto might keep wanting to bite or lick the wound. We allow him to sometime lick lick it but he is usually not affected by it.

Hopefully everything continues to go well, and we can go kia kia le.

Toto sleeping in his usual favourite position with his prisoner of Toys next to it!
Toto still goes to that area to sleep when YQ goes to work, and for the whole of the day he will be damn sleepy and lethargic UNTIL YQ comes back home.
SO ODD ...

He seldom disturbs me to play or entertain him, but there will be the 'Knock, Knock', I want to go patio moment but very little disturbance. But as yet I have to give him more attention because of the wound, once that heal nicely, I will have an even easier job :)

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