Saturday, August 21, 2010

What we 'Hate' about TOto

TOto is not ALL angel ok!
Let's make a list why we sometime is so angry with him, but then again the anger can subside like in 3seconds ...

1) When we catch him biting cables, a bad habit he got infected when I was away in June! We will take out the cable and tempt him to bite, and when he try to do it we will say 'NO' firmly, and pass him other toy and start to 'Praise' him happily to let him know toy is OK.

It is very hard to 'CATCH' him on the SPOT! He usually do that kinda of 'PROHIBITTED' stuffs when we are sleeping in, in the morning or when he is ALONE at home. And maybe he is toooooo tired he tried doing it after we brought him back from dogpark just yesterday, and I am in the kitchen washing up, while YQ is bathing. Of course CAUGHT RED MOUTHED! Of course I 'Scolded' him and after YQ is out , I complain to YQ again!! Hahaha, me and YQ always have to 'ACT' and be very 'animated' about the whole 'complaining' ...

Remedy by Toto, he will bring other toys (nearest) to you, and pushing the toy to your leg. Hahaha I was asking YQ, wah 'kana' scolding still dare to play ar!?

YQ's interpretation:' NO TOTO is asking you, crab crab can bite right!!'

Dogs ~

2) You need to WALK them or bring them out EVERYDAY so that they can sleep throughout the night! If not they will try to be a NINJA in your living room! And in the END, I cannot sleep because I keep hearing noises outside!!

If Toto is properly walked and his energy wasted, he will happily be crated and sleeping in it! SO we can sleep through the night too!

3) We are consider VERY lucky @ about 4months old TOto is already housebroken, which took us about 2months ... (LONG TWO MONTHS!)Although he got the IDEA of having to Pee and Poop at Nugi in about less than one month after we bring him home, but there are alway ALOT of 'Puppy' accidents here and there. We realised that thou they get the idea, but puppies still cannot control their bladder, thus the 'accidents' and not that they 'don't know'.

4) Toto needs lots of grooming, althou it is not obvious from his wild wild look!! But then; his toes needs to be clipped, ears need to be clean and plucked, feet pad and eye fur need to be trimmed and plus we handstripped him. So all these takes ALOT of time! And he had to be comb very often!

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