Monday, August 9, 2010

AKC certified and Post Op pictures ...

Toto is AKC certified as a pure breed.
This certification is really NO POINT, hahaha. Damn Boliao, but just incase YQ wants to bring TOto for some kinda of compeition!?

Haha, I DOUBT!
Oh and some Before and After pictures of the Wound and Stitches!
Kinda of 'RA' here, so READ ON if you want!

The first day and 2nd day when the wound is still inflammed and swollen. Even the nut case is very loose till the 3rd day and it starts to shrink ...
And now the wound has heal nicely, even his nut casing has shrunk nicely too!!
Initially it was 2 pieces of flap there!
Going to remove stitches in another 2 day on Wednesday!

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