Monday, August 9, 2010

Update on Toto's stitches

Updated a video @ Lewisville Railroad Dog Park on a Sunday!.

Toto's stitches is healing very well! It was so much easier than I thought it would be! We OVER READ ourselves online, and there is TOO MUCH HORROR stories!! Hahaha, it was easy peasy!

I guess there isn't any difficult part about the whole ordeal. The first and second day, Toto is very drowsy but on the 2nd day he got better and can feed by himself in the evening. He didn't eat on the first day of Operation, he didn't even drink. But we kept wetting his mouth with water. By the fourth day, his wound is already caking very nicely and the swelling has gone off. And on the 5th day we brought him down for his evening walk. On Sunday, 7th day, we already wanted to bring him in to remove the stitches haha ~

Actually by the 3rd day he is already back to SQUARE one being himself. There were some slight licking of his wound but he is not overly OBSESSED with the stitches that is there. He is still very paranoid about that area for the first few days but I guess even if the 'external' wound is recovering, maybe it will still feel BRUISED!

OK, so if anyone is reading about neutering experience, it is not as HORRIBLE as it seems to be! And seriously, TOto only worn the Donut for the first 2 days and ONLY at times when I cannot supervised him; like when I am cooking. And I thought he has to wear it 24-7 for 10 days!! Hahaha ...

Maybe we are just lucky ...
But we are glad!

Toto on his Saturday Evening walk after his Neutering Operation!

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