Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Singapore Night Festival 2013 @ Singapore Art Museum

24th August 2013
TOto was just at the beach this morning, so initially we didn't have the intention to bring him out but decide to go ahead so that TOto will be with us rather than coop at home! We will be going to The Singapore Night Festival organised by Bras Basah/Bugis PrecinctThe Singapore Night Festival 2013 seems like it is a "Pet-friendly" event because alot of the 'performances' and artworks are outdoor. There are greens everywhere for the furrykids to do their business and lawns to just sit about and relaxed with our furrykids but so sad that it was not advertised as a 'Pet friendly event'! 

And I only see ONE other furrykid in the whole event!
Anyway, alot more should be done to help promote places and events that furrykids can go along ...
Write up and photographs inside ...

TOto is still very tired from this morning activities and slept throughout the drive, but was excited when we alighted and parked at Bras Basah Complex.

We walked our way up to Singapore Art Museum ...
My gfs are interested in one of the Aerial performance that will be happening here.
Waited for about an hour for it to start ...
TOto is just BORED, hahaha.
But luckily there are not LIVE BAND in this area ...
Interesting performance, but boring; hahaha!

Walked up to Fort Canning and over to the Peranankan Museum, we just waited outside but in the end my gfs complained that it is too crowded! And there is a LIVE BAND here that is just playing JUNK MUSIC! Damn freaking NOISY and just rubbish to the ear. I JUST DON'T appreciate 'ART' if that is what they call ART! WTH!
It's nice to sit opposite of the museum and see the lights changes, rather therapeutic, but if I were 10 years younger I will high likely DO THAT. But parking is EXPENSIVE, hahaha and TOto is tired! It's almost 11pm and TOto is out since 6 so it's a total of FIVE HOURS that he is out with us!
Participants of the night!
Thanks for putting up with TOto ...

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