Friday, August 2, 2013

Sembawang Animal Quarantine Station Day 05 - Bath TIME!

Already 5 days and FIVE more days to go ...

TOto will have visitors tomorrow so we gave him a rinse today!

First thing first, we have to let him out for his potty session and his 'excercise'!
Daddeee got get ballball laaaaaaaaaaaaa ...
Further stripped and cut his fur and realized that there are more BALD patches than I thought there is. HAiz, took so much effort to maintain, now all gone to naught. 

Have to 're-grow' out his fur again ...

Their Grooming area is very BARE!

Bro and gf is visiting him tomorrow!

His Singapore first TWO visitor ...

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  1. Been absence for so long, glad to be back reading your Toto blog again! Yipeeee...Toto is back with mummy and daddy, so happy for you guys!!! Is Toto coping well with the heat, mozzie and new environment? How long is Singapore quarantine period? Very soon Toto is going to be out and about the whole of Singapore :) Happy reunion!!!