Saturday, August 10, 2013

East Coast Park Beach!

This is the FIRST time TOto will be visiting a BEACH.
YES first time experiencing SALT water ...

I didn't managed to video the part where TOto jumped into the water without us, and he just kept swimming. Luckily he responded to our re-call and just U-turn and swam himself back to us. We were almost SHOCK to death!! Non of us are prepare to go SWIMMING and we didn't thought TOto will just SWIM by himself but he did! And he did it TWICE, we were just SHOCKED and at the same time AMUSED!

Sentosa NEXT?

We sat out under the coconut tree and waited for our friends who went cycling.
TOto is to big for the bicycle rental's basket.
It was a long and tiring day ...
It has been so long since I see TOto cuddling and licking TUrtle ...
Luckily we sent TUrtle back via first class Fedex!

TOto has been so busy after his released, he must be so mentally exhausted.

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