Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Our Westie TOto - Almost 2 weeks into Feeding Raw ...

Doing all the readings online, I found out that there are 2 school of thoughts here; BARF and PREY model. These 2 School of Thoughts are like "CULT" and it's rather creepy and scary, it's like; BELIEVE US DO IT or LEAVE! But I believe in the merging of 2 school of thoughts, but then it's either MY WAY or NO WAY. So whatever, TOto is mine and I feed him based on what I think is the best and afford to do for him. Ultimately its to keep him healthy, safe and BY MY SIDE always!

But so far TOto almost always has good hard poop after being on Raw, so his 'anal gland' issue hopefully is eliminated. And Daddeee observed that TOto shed lesser fur especially after a comb through, his breath is good and his 'stained' beard is clearing up. His fur is still dry and brittle, I guess somethings take times. But TOto seems to be getting more lethargic after a meal as compared to dry kibbles. I wondered is it because of the water intake making him feel so much fuller, and since he is still new to RAW maybe his digestion are working harder to produce more acid thus making TOto extremely tired?

Another very OBVIOUS observation, he is getting very 'FIT' and stouty! He have gained backed all the lost mass, he lost when in Sembawang AVA. Even grandma is calling him 'Fat'! But he is not fat, just more sturdy, manly and muscular!

Tried Chicken Drumstick, and lazy him tried to break the drumstick into 2 and swallow everything! I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and bare hand pulled open his STRONG JAW and PULLED out the drumstick! I had to hold it down for him to chew it the PROPER WAY!
LAZY PIG, and he loves the CHICKEN SKIN!
Tried the same thing with the wing, ONE CRUNCH and he wants to swallow everything!

Some days he get almost "BARF" ...
I cut up the chicken meat; add in Oats, apple and yoghurt.
Every morning he get extra supplement; Fish oil and Garlic oil.
On the10th day, I let him try some chicken organs; heart, lungs and liver.
I think I added half an whole egg and also another supplement; Solidgold Seameal.
And some days he gets GIZZARDS and lotsa of them; because Gizzards are cheap and gizzards are considered muscle meat.
I allowed TOto to try chewing on a Pork Knuckle but it was frowned upon because the Prey Model do not encourage chewing and gnawing in on huge heavy bones or any bones unless its meaty raw bones. But TOto enjoys gnawing on Pork Knuckle very much! And he can spend HOURS on it ...
But the next day he had 'Constipation' from having too much bones, the look on his face when he try to 'KEK SAI' Priceless, hahaha.

Ok jokes aside, no more PORK KNUCKLES!
Plus as per advised, I shouldn't have given TOto mixed meat in the early stages of introducing TOto to raw meat; and I think she is right.
Chicken Feet next for it's Glucosamine and Chondroitin ...
And he LOVES it, TOto is a lazy PIG; chicken feet is easy that's why!

We are going into duck next ...

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